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Chatib is an online website with a simple approach, instead of making comprehensive profiles and meddling with complicated corresponding algorithms, this app permits users to join different chat rooms and take part in conversations with numerous individuals all at once. The user is not really needed to register, providing a little basic information such as your name and age, as well as the place of your residence, is adequate to begin utilizing the website.

Chatib chat app also permits users to enter diverse chat rooms relying on their particular interests. The most well-liked chat room at whatever time is dedicated to all the s single men and women. Other chat rooms are for broad discussions, religion, dating, mobile, and there’s even a place for people over fifty years old to really meet new people and make friends for free chatting. All the users can make their own chat rooms and manage them, so for the ones seeking to talk about their particular interests, Chatib presents a chance to create your own chat communities.

The service has an assortment of easy online games such as master checkers and tic-tac-toe that permits playing against other members of the application. However, with the general dating theme of this site, such games really seem incongruous. The lower entry threshold and an idea which, in theory, supports sociability may seem like a great idea. However, the experience is destroyed by fakes, spam, and bots. Now, let’s review this website in even more detail.


The interface of the Chatib is generally intuitive and simplistic. The homepage of this website features the main sign-in screen in the center, which is impossible to overlook, as well as a clear clarification of what the service is all about. Also, there’s something of the blog feed on the homepage with advice on how you can meet different individuals, which we thought is a smart touch. Once signed in, you are presented with apparent navigation around different chat rooms and incorporated online games. The menu stays on the left side of your screen always, providing users the quick access to the message history, private messages, and search.

The general design of its interface can’t be contemplated mainly modern. It’s minimalistic and does its job very well and, in general, get out of the way of your experience. There’re advertisements on the main page, but they’re not intrusive. We also noticed a total lack of any pop-up elements blocking your content, which’s an awesome thing. The rest of the experience is advertisement-free.

The Audience Quality:

Users from all across the globe visit Chatib, though the majority of individuals seem to be from the United States, India, and Canada. When we explored the site for writing this particular review, over twenty-five thousand individuals were online, engaging in some two hundred chat rooms. At first sight, making new friends seemed to be simple. However, closer assessment exposed that many of those users are actually bots, or individuals exploiting the no-registration feature for leaving links to push products or other dating websites. On top of that, there’s spam in the private messages, so be cautious about that!

After chatting for some time, we really managed to get in touch with multiple individuals and undertake somewhat of a meaningful conversation. However, the system of open chat rooms guaranteed that the format of all conversations was very boring and shallow.


Chatib is, no doubt, free to utilize. From the get-go, all the people can have access to the complete feature set offered by the service, comprising the ability to make and manage the custom chat rooms.

Privacy & Security:

Since the Chatib registration is optional, the security level is a little low. This service doesn’t need any form of confirmation for the account and just has the most basic bot-defense in the form of a ReCaptcha that all the individuals have to pass when signing in. Consequently, anyone can simply set-up as many false accounts as they desire by simply opening new tabs in their browser while in the privacy mode to meet new people.

Chatib needs all the users to be at least eighteen years of age, but nothing limits the users from entering a false age during the signing in process. We can safely suppose that children frequently visit this particular service. Throughout our experience, we also noticed numerous bots leaving links and sending spam messages in the chat rooms.

Hookup Chance:

Thanks to this particular service being free, anyone can make an account, which’s a great thing. However, throughout our testing, we were unpleasantly astonished to discover that a lot of the users are spam. Most individuals are either from the U.S. or India, which greatly reduces the odds of hooking up unless you’re from one of such countries. We did not have issues with the UI, and despite the rather out-of-date design, we felt that utilizing this service was rather enjoyable. We never felt lost and can simply navigate to any part of the site, join different chat rooms, or send private messages.

However, the main disadvantage for us was the complete security lack, the capability of joining without registration, and the lack of any confirmation measures for the account resulted in lots of spam in the chat rooms. The format of the open chats with random individuals isn’t perfect, and, despite locating a few real individuals to speak to, we struggle to see how online associates here might move to real life.

Chatib Sign up Account:

As mentioned earlier, setting up your account isn’t required by users who can frequently utilize the one-time sign in procedure. But if you desire to sign in every day with a particular account or username, you have to tap on that sign-up button.


The steps to make an account on chatib free chat portal are easy and fast. Sign up now and get access to this online free chat portal for free.

  • Run the favorite web browser on the device > enter chatib in the URL bar.
  • Click on sign up from the homepage.  
  • Enter in all the required details and initiate the account.
  • Accept all the terms & conditions, sign in, and begin the chat process.
  • Yes! It is that easy! Wait no more, follow Chatib now and always keep your chat mode aroused. With continuous sign-in access to all the different Chatib chat rooms and the capability to make new friends and talk to different online users.

Note that when a user signs in, there are different icons at your left-hand section, which are significant icons for simple scowling. You will also get to know how many users are online.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

General Information:

Q: Who Can Really Join Chatib?

Ans: Anybody who’s not below eighteen years old can join this chatting website.

Q: Does Joining Chatib Need A Fee?

Ans: No. Joining is completely free.

Q: Does Joining Chatib Need Any Registration?

Ans: No. You can really sign in and chatting without registration.

Q: What’re The Things That Are Forbidden On This Platform?

Ans: The usage of non-respectful conversation and adult words are forbidden.

Q: Does This Platform Have Diverse Chat Rooms?

Ans: Yes. There’re diverse chatting rooms you can join.

Q: Can You Still Send Private Messages?

Ans: Certainly. Apart from joining the chatting rooms, you can also start a private chat with some other users.

Q: We Live Outside The United States, Can We Still Join The Site?

Ans: Yes. This site welcomes everyone from anyplace in the world.

Q: Can We Block The Other User?

Ans: Yes. Simply go to the thread and then click on Block This Person.


Q: Where Can We Find The Online Users List?

Ans: After signing in, you’ll see who is online on the left of your screen.

Q: What Else Can We Do On The Website?

Ans: You can either join chatting rooms or have private chatting with somebody.

Q: How Can You Begin A Private Chat With The Other User?

Ans: From the online users’ list on the left of the screen, choose a user you’d want to talk to by simply clicking his or her username.

Q: You Uploaded A Picture After Logging Up. Why Does Not It Show?

Ans: After the registration and uploading the profile picture, moderators will need to approve it first. 

Q: How Long Before Your Picture Gets Accepted?

Ans: The picture will be shown after the moderator of the website approves, which frequently takes seventy-two hours or less.

Q: Why Do You Always Get Logged Out Automatically?

Ans: That’s because, after a long time of inactivity, you’ll eventually be disconnected.

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