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Chatiw is an online chat interface that provides free communication to everybody utilizing the website. It’s accessible both on mobile and desktop systems, but it appears like the mobile one is more functional than the other. It’s accessible in almost all countries, and it is most well-liked in the United Kingdom and the United States. The website markets itself as the chatting platform and service that directs you to the soul mate. It assures to assist you in building any type of relationship with other single women and men who are searching for the same in different chat rooms.

Here’s What You Ought To Know About Chatiw!

There’re no limits as to who you can yak. You might even talk to new people even if they are on the other side of the world.

Special Features:

Chatiw is just basically a website that allows you to free chat with strangers from all across the world. It does not have any additional special features. However, you can locate the following on their main and homepages:

  • Safety Tips:

It’s a different link that provides you with instructions on chatting online. The website aims to assist you in securing and safeguarding yourself by evading online frauds and scammers.

  • Blog:

You can locate the link to their blog posts and articles at the base of the homepage, before entering the key chat page. The blogs are mainly about tips and guidelines on relationships, dating, and online chatting.

  • Chat History:

It might be located on the top part of the main chatting page, beside the inbox. It’s a conversations list you have had with other users while you’re online. It does not record the earlier chats you had on a diverse hour or day.

  • Other Links:

You may also see the links all across the main chatting page. Such links take you to diverse websites that provide live shows and free chat rooms. They’re the links of Chatiw.



Chatiw does not have any registration process if you desire to access to this free platform. It denotes that no password or email address is required. All you need to do is provide them general info about yourself. Such comprise your age, nickname, country, sex, and state. You might also click on the “Utilize GPS” system for permitting the website to have access to the location you are at. It provides you more chances of talking to members that are within your surrounding area.

However, if you desire to enjoy more special and important features, the website provides a paid membership where a profile will be made. It’s more convenient as you won’t need to fill in the info required each time you sign in. Such paid membership also makes the user a priority in terms of their other services, such as profile highlight and customer support.

Profile Information:

We are not certain if you can call it a profile, but the info (age, username, location, and gender) is visible to anybody who’s online. After a few hours of inactivity, the website can automatically log the user out and deletes all the info he/she has entered. There’s no verification procedure as they won’t be asking for any password or email address from you. Hence, we are not completely certain how they check and verify frauds, scammers, and decoys. It looks like the only method you can guarantee the security and safety is by blocking the individual. Once done, the website will ban such an individual for forty-eight hours. 

Contacting Members:

Although this website is free, there’re a few limitations. For example, you might just send a limited number of messages every day to your new friends. You might also not send numbers or links. You shall just enjoy such features once you turn into a VIP member. You can also get into video chats, other members. You have to be cautious, though. Based on the test we have done, there’re a lot of chatters who’re quite dominant and revealing. They’re extremely clear in showing what they are searching for, particularly at the moment. A few would send you inappropriate images. In such a case, you might either just overlook the message or report the individual by simply blocking him/her.

Chatiw Video Chatting:

Video chatting of Chatiw has supplied all the users with video chatting for making chats even more real. On this platform, you can connect with people to video chat. All of such is enjoyed after submitting the ID with them. Guides on how you can really video chat are:

  • After submitting the necessary details, the next step that appears on the screen is where you can see different menus for chatting online or joining the video chat rooms and even live chats; for providing dependable online chatting for free to all the users just on
  • Then to start, you will be asked to try the video chat, a trial service for the new users.
  • After that session, you’ll be redirected to carry on for an incline to premium for experiencing more special services. However, upgrading demands reasonable payment, unlike other chatting sites. Other payment options are given on the platform.
  • This site will require users to provide a verification medium for that, meaning you need to fill the email address or join it using Google+, Facebook, and other known social network.


The truth is, the mobile chat app is more convenient than the full site. Since they work the same, utilizing the application allows you to talk to others without opening the PC. You can enjoy all of the features while resting, out, or doing any other activity. However, the application is only accessible on the Google Play Store. Individuals who are into Apple products don’t have the opportunity to enjoy the features it provides. There are reports stating that Chatiw free chat is now spending more on partnering with iTunes. There is not any official declaration, though, from Chatiw yet.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:


What’s Chatiw?

It is a chatting website that allows users to connect with other users all across the world. You can either enjoy it for free or choose to disburse for your VIP membership. The VIP membership permits you to save the nickname and be a priority.

How Does It Work?

This chatting website has a custom-built chatting interface that permits users to talk with other individuals. It just provides private chatting rooms where two individuals can speak. There’re no live shows or group chats, but there’re links that take you to diverse chatting websites that provide such features.

Is It Legit & Safe?

This chatting platform is supposedly safe and legit. However, there’re a few reports stating that there’re frauds and scammers roaming around the website. Likewise, several articles that are speaking about the chat rooms, in general, propose that the user ought to be extremely cautious and meticulous when chatting with other users.

Is It An Anonymous Chatting Service?

Yes, you have the opportunity to speak with strangers anonymously. There’re no display photos, and you might utilize any username as long as it has not been utilized by anybody else yet.

Is It Free?

Yes, this chatting platform is basically available for free. You’re permitted to connect with others without disbursing for anything. However, if you desire to have the privilege of being prioritized, you might choose to subscribe to the VIP membership.

Does It Have Any Registration Procedure?

Technically, there’s no registration procedure as no profile is made once you fill in the required info. Such info is deleted automatically after hours of inactivity. On the next usage, you will have to enter all the required info again.

Is It Monitored?

According to the terms of use and privacy policy of the website, this platform is monitored. Anybody with a suspicious name, a malicious act, or has been blocked or reported by some other member shall be banned for forty-eight hours.

How Do I Contact It?

For comments and questions, you can send emails to or utilize the site’s contact form.

Usability & Functionality:

How Do I Delete The Chatiw Account?

You do not have to delete the account. All the info you have provided before entering this website is deleted automatically after some hours of inactivity.

How Do I Remove The Chatiw Chatting Ban?

When a user gets banned, you won’t be capable of utilizing the website for forty-eight hours. You have to wait until that time to get unbanned. If the chat ban, however, was accidentally, you might contact the customer support for help.

How Do I Block Somebody?

For reporting or blocking somebody, simply click on Block, which can be found beside the user’s name. Follow then the directions that’ll pop up to report the member.

Where Can I Download The Chatiw Mobile App?

The mobile application is only available on the Google Play Store for Android users.

Why Is Not Chatiw Functioning?

There’re times when the website is down and not functional. As said by the moderators, they’re trying best to improve it. For always getting updated about the site status, you might check the Facebook page.

How Do I Change The Location/Country?

You might not manually change the location or country. The system makes use of the GPS for tracking which country the user resides in. They said it is for preventing individuals from pretending that they’re from other regions.

Can I Share A Link?

No, you might not share links for security purposes. However, if you have a VIP membership, then the website provides you with the privilege of sending any link.

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