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Chatrandom is a free online chatting site where you can instantaneously meet and chat with stranger people almost across the globe. It was released in the year 2011. Since its release, it described itself as one of the most well-liked online webcam chat websites. Basically, the website provides a free online roulette-kind chat experience to the users. This particular chat portal has over thirty-five thousand every day online users from diverse chat rooms. 

You can enter and join its diverse classified chat rooms and begin chatting with an unfamiliar person cam-to-cam even without any account. In simple words, you can speak to others instantly. It also comes with a phone app version that’s free for download for Android users. Its services make you return to utilizing and enjoying a webcam-chatting site

Contacting Features:

It provides an online cam-to-cam chatting and a chat only service to the high volume users. Such features are categorized into four diverse chat experiences. 

  • Chat Rooms:

Here, you can select how and who you desire to speak with others. You can choose what chat room you desire to join based on the particular interest. There’re particular chat rooms for singles, for friendly chats, for a random video chat, gays, college students, and a chat room where you can talk to just with girls. You can also select the text-only chat room if you’re not really into the webcam chatting. 

  • Random Chat:

You can chat with complete strangers from anywhere from the world. Get to see one another while chatting using a webcam. However, you can still filter where the chatmates would be coming from and their gender, particularly when you own an upgraded account. Also, Random Chat has the most users among all the four categories.

  • Cam4 Video Chat:

Chat with four random unfamiliar persons all simultaneously by utilizing this chat feature. Every party has their chatbox, so you can still speak with all one of them separately. Simply, click on the arrow button for jumping to the next random unfamiliar person. 

  • Gay Chat:

Catered for bisexuals or gays all across the globe and for the ones who are like-minded. Enjoy both watching and chatting with both parties using webcam video streaming. 

Design & Usability:

Chatrandom was created and designed as an easy to use the site. It has simple to navigate pages with easy word fonts and button icons. You can choose from more than twenty languages. It’s a rapid search-connect to the other users globally and a quick-enabling webcam operation. As you click on the start, it’ll instantaneously look for the online user for you to speak with, and it’ll also enable the PC’s webcam automatically. There’ll be a pop-up menu asking for permission to access the cam. However, you can turn the live video stream off if you desire to. All of the features of the website work in secs. 

Perks Of Registration:

You can really get to enjoy the free chat services of the platform, even without any membership account. Just visit the website, and you’re good to go. Select which chat room you desire to join, relying on the type of users you’d want to talk to. The major reason for the registration is to be capable of upgrading the membership account. By means of upgrading the account, you’ll have some benefits over the non-registered users, like being capable of unlocking all the participating countries, a VIP chat badge, choosing the gender of the potential chatmates, and removing all advertisements. 

User Demographics:

This website has an average of about thirty-five thousand everyday users worldwide. The highest peak of the users went to a hundred thousand online chatters at the same time. This chatting site is available and accessible in almost every corner of the globe. Italy and India are countries with the maximum number of users with over eleven percent of the audience share. 

Next is the U.S., with 10.8 percent of the total users and Germany with 8.1 percent. With over one hundred and eighty participating countries, Chatrandom has an extremely varied community. Acquainting the fact that registering isn’t a requirement to utilizing the services of the website, individuals here typically simply come and go. 


Based on the Privacy Policy and Terms of the website, its services aren’t for kids ages thirteen and below. Contemplating that the website doesn’t really need any registration for profiling reasons, the website states that it has no lawful obligations and that you’ll be responsible for all the linked activities of the account. Chat-related sites, particularly this one, are intended for individuals to connect with other random individuals and make great connections. 

Unluckily, the majority of people have coarse intentions. You might meet users initiating dirty conversations or exposing their private parts. This type of behavior is extremely abusive and violent, particularly for teen girls. Kids’ predators utilize this free service to take benefit of innocent minor users. Yet, it’s possible to report the current chat mate if you have to. However, reporting one without any cause might have you terminated from utilizing the website. 

Chatrandom Application:

It comes with a mobile app for Android users. You can download the application from Google Play without charge. Unlike the web or desktop version, which you can access even without logging up, the mobile application needs registration for you to be capable of chatting with people. Worry not because it’s all free. Aside from the registration, you can find everything on the web version on its mobile application. The design of the app is very suitable for its video-chatting operation. Details, like texts and icon buttons, are small to provide its users with a clearer and wider view during video chat. 


The communicating features of Chatrandom are undoubtedly very efficient. Having tens of thousands of everyday users is quite praiseworthy. Being capable of connecting with other individuals in a moment is what most individuals desire and search for. An easy to use interface and a practical yet straightforward display are what you can anticipate from this site. But the challenge is that, are people safe? Does the website assure a violent-free and secure community for all of the visitors and users? Bad behaviors are extremely uncontrolled in all the social media platforms these days, but what makes it even worse is that such wrongdoers can be unidentified. No registration feature of the site may be good for a few, but can be extremely dangerous to others.


Frequently Asked Questions Section:


What’s Chatrandom?

It is an online video chatting service designed for individuals to meet other strangers from all across the globe.

Does It Have A Mobile Application Version?

Yes, the mobile app is accessible for Android users, and they can download it from Google Play for free.

Is It Accessible In Countries In The Asian Pacific?

Yes, the website is accessible in over one hundred and eighty countries from each part of our world. 

Is The Registration Process Free?

You can chat and join different chat rooms, even without going through any registration process. Logging up is optional, and joining is totally free.

Who Are The Chatrandom’s Users?

It has an extremely diverse audience. Individuals are from almost every region of the world. The sole method of acquainting their personal info is by asking them. Just their sex and the country which they’re from are the details you can really see during the chatting session. 


Is It Possible To Report Any User Or Report Misbehaviors Done By Them?

You can simply report a member that you’re presently speaking with. Reporting a member without any cause might have you terminated from utilizing the website. For more suggestions, complaints, and reports, message the customer service by navigating to the Contact Us page.

What’s The Required Age For Utilizing The Services Of The Website?

As said by the policy of the website, its offerings aren’t intended for people ages below thirteen. 


Can I Find All The Features Of The Desktop Version In The Mobile App?

Yes, all video chatting features are present in its mobile and desktop version.

What’s Cam4 Chat?

It’s a multi-chatting service where you can easily video chat with four users at the same time. Every member has its own chatting box, so you can also talk with them separately. 

I Desire To Register, What Do I Require?

If you want to make an account, you just require a valid email ID, or you can sign in using Google+ or Facebook.

Does It Really Need Its Users To Have The Webcam?

The objective of the website is to provide its users with a complete video chatting experience. However, you can still utilize and join chat rooms, such as the text-only chat.  

Is It Possible To Delete My Account?

For removing the account, simply click on My Account > Delete My Account. The website will send a link to the email address, confirming the deletion of your account. 

How To Change The Password?

Just go to the account page > click on Change My Password > enter the current and the new preferred password > confirm it > click on Change My Password for updating.


How Much Is The Price Of Upgrading The Account?

4.99 dollars weekly

17.99 dollars monthly

What’re The Benefits Of Upgrading The Account?

  • Location and gender filters
  • Remove all the advertisements
  • VIP chatting badge
  • Back button
  • Join the chat with girls chat room 

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