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A couple of years back, when online chatting rooms were highly well-liked, and the only way of online social activity, the Chatstep site was one of the precursors of the online chatting services. With its highly customized and ease of utilization chatting guidelines, it used to be one of the go-to sites for making and joining diverse chat rooms with particular interests.

Today it is still well-liked in countries like India and the U.S., and it’s been the center of numerous controversies as the place was utilized by unlawful users and pedophiles that lured and exchanged kid pornography. Because of that, the individuals behind Chatstep are keenly monitoring all the chats taking place on their website, and are proactively banning offensive users permanently.

Chatstep Features:

  • Generate Room:

Making a room is strictly for registered members. You set the content of the room by simply ticking if the room is a clean room or if adult content and/or explicit will be shared in the room. You’ll also set the room’s category, that being; Fantasy for the exploration and role-playing, friendly, which encircles on regional, communities, and social interests, and finally, Image, which is the picture-focused chat.

Members that make chat rooms are needed to set chat room guidelines and write descriptions, which would be made accessible to any member who wants to join. If the password is set, just the ones that you provide the password to would be capable of accessing the chat room.

  • Public Room:

These rooms are accessible both for anonymous users and registered members. The only disparity is, when you’re a registered member, you need to leave the room manually if you want to be no longer a part of it. If you’re anonymous, closing the tab would exit you automatically from that room.

  • Join Room:

Registered members can join different rooms if they acquaint the chatting room name and if there’s a set password for the particular chat room, they want to be part of.


The service is one hundred percent free. Members do not need to disburse to log up, enter chat rooms, and make private conversations, or share images and files. As we were working on this review, we were pleasantly astonished by not having to spend a cent on utilizing the platform.


Chatstep allows its members to pick if they desire to access the chatting rooms through a registered account or anonymously. When deciding to browse the platform anonymously, you need to choose a chatting room first from the accessible public chatting rooms list. Once you’ve selected one, you’ll choose a username, and if you desire, you could also propose a password so you could return anytime to that chat room. After agreeing to the terms and conditions of the site, you’re inside the selected chat room successfully. Now, once you desire to leave that room, you can simply do so by exiting that tab. It’d delete the chat message history.

If you decide to register your own account, you could do that by giving some basic info like username, email address, password, and then answer the captcha. The account verification link would then be sent to the email ID for activating the account successfully. Registered members can make a chatting room and set it to private or public. You also need to manually click on the leave room button from the menu bar of the chatting room for permanently pulling out from that room.


The majority of Chatstep members come from India, the U.S., Germany, and the United Kingdom. Members that come from India are active in making the chat rooms in any of the accessible categories. That’s obvious because of the flag tags seen on the available public chat rooms list you can be part of. With the category listed and the particular subject of interest of every group made conscious right before anybody can enter that chat, members are capable of joining rooms that are within their taste. Also, because of that, most online members who’re inside the chatting room comply with the terms of use and guidelines of the room defined and set out by the moderator of the chatting room.

Inside the chat room, you’re capable of seeing all the registered usernames who’ve joined the chatting room and decided not to exit that room. A circle beside every username shows if the member is offline or active, hollow denotes inactive, and green denotes online. But even if you spot a couple of online members on the sidebar, not all are chatting actively. A few seem to be just glancing around, while a few leave that group right after some secs of joining. The capability to simply join and leave the chat room shows to be beneficial, particularly if you decide that you do not like what is going on inside that particular chat room.


Similar with the other free chatting sites, Chatstep also has its share of news controversies and abusive users. Back when its security wasn’t as strict as how it’s today, it was utilized as a way to acquire and spread pornographic pictures of kids. Such cases were sent to the law court, and culpable members were convicted. That directed to updating its terms of use and security features. Today, all the chats are seriously monitored by the staff, and they ban members permanently who don’t follow the rules & regulations.

Security & Safety:

This chatting platform promises not to store the shared files, chat logs, or any other data. The site claims that there’ll be no traces of the chats on the web. Here is the development squad’s official statement: Chatstep servers are technically incapable of reading any member messages, nicknames, or pictures. It additionally stores no conversation logs, not even temporary copies of the pictures uploaded! There’re no static or contextual ads on the site, no cookies, no mix-panel member tracking, or Google analytics.

The open policy got the sire into a little security problem over the years. Parents were worried that children could freely access different chatting rooms that have adult content. Some years back, the site tightened the security grip and limited the level of anonymity for its members. In the newer versions, every member had to make the account and upload an image before joining or making the chat rooms.


Frequently Asked Questions Section:


How Does It Work?

By loading the site, you’ll be asked if you desire to chat anonymously or sign in to the account. Both would provide you with the option to select and join the public chatting room to begin chatting with other online members inside the room.

Can It Work On My Phone?

Yes, it works on all phone browsers.

Do I Have To Have The Account For Utilizing It?

No, you can utilize the site application without making any account.

Can I Chat Anonymously?

Yes, you can hide the identity behind the selected username.

Is There Video Chatting Accessible?

No, Chatstep just has image sharing and text chat.

I Joined A Chat, And They Kept Uttering RP. What Does That Mean?

RP is a well-liked acronym utilized in the chat rooms, which denotes Role Play.

How Do I Leave The Chat Room?

When you decide to chat anonymously, you can exit that room by simply closing the tab. If you’re signed in, you can decide to leave the chat room from the settings located on the left side of the screen.

How Can I Send A Private Message?

Sending a personal message can be accomplished by simply entering the username with a colon, and then the message. That is to say (Username: the personal message)

Are Chats Saved?

The chats aren’t saved online, but any member who sees that chat and can take screenshots for saving offline.

How Do I Permanently Delete The Account?

Unluckily, you can’t delete the account, but when you sing out and exit the chat, all the messages and joined chat rooms will not be saved.


Why Cannot I Access Chatstep?

The IP address might have been banned from accessing the site.

How Long Are The Bans?

The bans on this site are permanent.

How Do I Reactivate The Banned Account?

Unluckily, the banned IP addresses or accounts are permanent. However, you can send an email to the customer support at


Is It Safe To Utilize?

It has the security measures, and members are needed to follow their strict terms of usage or else the IP addresses would be banned permanently. The application also has an available report button for members with offensive behavior. You can also block a member from sending messages to you. But of course, members are expected to become attentive and vigilant to other members who impose danger and harm.   

Can It Track The User Down?

It can trace the location of the IP address.

Are Chats Encrypted?

No, all the chatting rooms made on this site, whether private or public, are monitored.

Can I Be Traced By The Police When I Utilize This Platform?

Similar to other dating applications and sites, authorities can track the IP address down if they desire to.

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