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Chatzy is one of the free private chatting services which you can utilize for communicating with other individuals you already acquaint or individuals who visit the website or blog. With this platform, you can generate a chat room and send email invitations extremely rapidly, and simply you might desire to talk to other individuals anonymously. You might desire to speak on diverse topics with a bunch of individuals who are total strangers without revealing the actual identity. So it is one of the best choices for you.

Special Features:

It certainly acquaints how to generate chat rooms livelier. Most of its special features are focused on creating the chat room experience exciting and fun. It also has helpful features that can assist moderators and administrators in running their chat rooms smoothly. The following are the special features list you can really enjoy:

  • Private Messages:

It permits you to send some private messages to other users that nobody else can see, not even the administrator of the room. For sending a private message, you can either click on the name of the visitor on the visitor panel or enter the /pm [name] [message] in your chat.

  • Visitor Status:

When you visit a room on this site, you’ll have a choice to append a Visitor Status. It is a personal message that’s displayed on the visitor pane. You can alter the status by hovering over the icon on the visitor pane or by simply entering in the following commands:

  • /away <message> it can mark you away and permits you in customizing an away message and tell individuals what you are really doing or when will you return.
  • /status <message> it can update the online status.
  • /leave <message> it can make you exit your chat room and simultaneously leave a message to everybody, so they will acquaint that you are not around.
  • Global Messages: 

These are like private messages. The disparity between the two is that these messages are sent to all your room users. Just room moderators and administrators can send these messages by default. If you’re the administrator of the room, you can change the room settings if you desire to allow everybody to be capable of sending global messages.

  • Locally Saved Messages:

It is the list of all your private messages you’ve gotten from all your rooms you’ve joined. They can be seen under My Messages. Such messages are just locally stored in the browser.

  • Preview Mode:

With this feature, you can simply follow a chat silently or make a chat without setting off any system messages. Just room moderators and administrators can utilize this feature.

  • Room Board:

It is the small text you can see in the chat room’s upper part. It can be a moving text or a highlighted one that has a room rules reminder or a message. You can alter your room board settings as frequently as you desire if you own a premium room. 

  • Silence Newbies:

You can opt to silence a newbie in the room. Newbies are the ones who entered the room for the first time without any invite. Just the premium rooms can silence newbies automatically. You can also opt to silence the unregistered members, registered members who just have been a member for less than twenty-four hours, and all new users in general.

  • Temporarily Closing Your Chat: 

Room moderators and administrators have the right to close the chat when they’re offline or away. That’s done for security reasons. If you desire to change the availability of the room, type /close on your chat prompt for closing and type /open for opening it back.

  • Ignore Visitors:

This feature permits you to overlook a certain individual in your room. By ignoring one, you’ll not be capable of seeing private messages or new posts from that individual. 

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Log Up Procedure:

Logging up to Chatzy is easy and quick. With just a valid email ID, you can already enjoy the majority of the features of the website. You can also choose to log up utilizing Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Microsoft account. Making your account will not take more than 5 minutes of the time. In fact, logging up isn’t really that essential. Non-members can still join the public chatting rooms and send private messages to other members. They can even get into the private chats if the room admin invites them through email. 

Nonetheless, individuals are still supported to be the website’s members. Logging up permits you to enjoy the features that are just accessible for the registered accounts. The registration procedure is user-friendly, making it simple for individuals of any age to make the account. Take note that there’s no personality test or personal info comprised in the procedure.

Profile Information:

No personal or basic info from users is made public. It permits you to join the chat rooms in complete anonymity. If there’s a page that we can name the profile page in Chatzy, it just has your preferences and settings. On this page, you can select how individuals can recognize you. You might also customize the web interface. You can locate here all other significant account and website setups, and the page’s using statistics, comprising a report of how many chatting rooms you’ve already made and entered.

Users require not to upload a picture, so there is no chance of you getting to acquaint what your chatmates appear like. The best method to almost certainly acquaint somebody personally is to provide him/her with your contact info through a private message. Yet, be cautious when doing that. Online dating security ought to still be the priority.


The interface of the mobile version of the website is pretty similar to the desktop one. It’s old and basic, which sort of brings you back to when the dial-up links were still in. Despite the primitive interface, the mobile website is pretty useful. It provides a simpler chatting experience compared to the desktop one. The pages have also attuned pretty well on your mobile screen except for the My Rooms page, where you need to scroll sideways for seeing the complete chat room details. 

Another great thing about the mobile interface is that it’s also really customizable. That denotes you can really change the skin according to the liking. The application permits you to change the default font style, background image or color, and a lot more.


Frequently Asked Questions Section:


Q: What’s Chatzy?

Ans: It is a free online chatting service where anybody can make or join different chat rooms.

Q: Who’s Behind Chatzy And How Did It All Begin?

Ans: The website is an experimental website made by two internet professionals from Europe back in the year 2001.


Q: Does It Work On All Systems?

Ans: The website is based on JavaScript that’s created on all the web browsers. Therefore, it’ll work on any system.

Q: What’s A Virtual Room For?

Ans: The virtual room on this website is a kind of chat room that permits you to customize the room. Making and joining the virtual room is free, but there’re a few features that are only accessible for paying users.

Q: What’s A Quick Chat?

Ans: Quick Chat is a kind of basic chatting room available in Chatzy. It’s a room where you can simply send out invites to everybody, but you’ll not be capable of specifying the room password or change the properties of the room.

Q: Who Can See The Email ID I Utilized For Chatzy?

Ans: The email ID might be utilized as the identifier by the room administrators, but just the administrators can see that. If you already have selected a Chatzy ID, then nobody will be capable of seeing the email ID anymore.

Q: Can I Promote A Chatting Room On My Own Web Pages?

Ans: Yes, it permits you to make a chat room and link it to the web page you have. It serves as the free hosted chatting solution for the site. 

Q: What Makes You A Beginner?

Ans: If you join some chatting room with no invite for the first time, you’re a beginner in that room. Being that can be applied to both non-members and members.

Q: Does It Have The Webcam Feature?

Ans: Unfortunately, the website doesn’t support the video call or webcam feature. 

Q: What’s The Silence Newbie Feature For?

Ans: It is a paid feature that keeps newbies from speaking with other users. They can read the chats but cannot send both private and public messages. Just a room admin can unmute a newbie.

Q: What’re The Accessible Subscriptions For Chatzy?

Ans: The website just provides two diverse subscriptions:

  • Premium Room: A subscription that provides all the visitors in a chat room a premium rank.
  • Premium User: It applies to one individual in all rooms he or she visits.

Privacy & Security:

Q: How Secure Is This Chat Service?

Ans: The website is secure to make use of. Unlike other independent instant messaging and chat programs, it doesn’t demand the user to install any other program on the system.

Q: Does It Accept Marketing From Adult Sites Or The Like?

Ans: No, the website doesn’t accept promotional advertisements from any other website or company.

Q: Can I Throw Out Individuals Who Are Being Rude? Q: Q: Can I Throw Out Individuals Who Are Being Rude?

Ans: Removing users in a chat room is just applicable to the virtual rooms of Chatzy. In these rooms, you can ban anybody or opt just to append the ones you acquaint and trust through email.

Q: How Do I Disburse For The Subscription Of Chatzy?

Ans: After filling out the purchase form, you’ll be prompted to disburse through Credit Card or PayPal. Select the most convenient way and enjoy the subscription.

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