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The elite singles is one of the leading dating services of the US for the educated singles who’re searching for some serious relationship. Globally, the website has sixty-five thousand new users joining each week and an average of two thousand new couples every month in more than twenty countries. Users are more likely to be academics, with more than eighty percent having a university degree. It’s ideal for the ones who prefer a more intellectual person. 

The website is a matchmaker service, proposing matches based on a thorough personality survey that it utilizes for identifying highly compatible matches. It permits the website to provide you better matches that are most well-matched with the personality. Does it really provide good matches? Read on below.

Design & Usability:

Elite Singles is a well-made website that is clean, crisp, and quite simple to navigate. Unlike other dating websites, its interface is quite easy on the eye and modern. Its smart and sleek design matches its target, proficient singles. The layout is quite easy for any new users regardless of the computer literacy level and age. The menu bars are labeled very well and don’t have lots of dropdowns that might reason confusion. 

All its functions are laid out well and are put simply on places where you will locate the most helpful. Both the desktop version and the application are well-designed. They’re both compatible with the personality survey of the website that you can simply decide to answer from the application or through the site itself.


Logging up to the site is a lengthier procedure compared to a few other dating websites that just need basic info upon registration. That’s because they really desire to become friendly with you and comprehend the personality for matching you with a compatible person. By answering some easy questions, you fine-tune the hunt for the possible matches. Its personality test has been made by psychologists for analyzing twenty-nine personality traits. After giving a few basic questions like sex, age, location, you then go on to the personality survey, which will take about twenty minutes. 

Luckily, you can save the progress mid-session and go back to finish the survey at some other time if required. The questions ask the user for rating him/herself against statements if it’s totally applicable to him/her, slightly valid, or does not apply at all. You’ll be asked about traits if you follow a plan always if the user looks for adventure if you leave a mess around the house if you feel stressed simply, and other questions like, “Would you explain yourself as clever, warm, and dominant, etc.?” After answering such questionnaires, you’ll be then redirected to a page where you can see a users’ list that are compatible and qualified according to the standards.

Elite Singles App:

Elite Singles has an application that’s free for anybody for downloading on Google Play or on the Application Store. It’s well made and is simple to use. It’s pages that permit you to see the matches in a convenient manner simply. The Elite Singles application has all the features that are accessible on the desktop version. 

With the application, you’re capable of sending winks, sending messages, making a favorites list, and liking profiles, etc. You can also log up utilizing the application; it’s a similar procedure when logging up utilizing the site, like answering the personality tests that are needed for new users for filling out. The application doesn’t take up much space and is compatible with the majority of tablets or cellphones.


Frequently Asked Questions Section:


I Desire To Change The Email I Utilize For The Website. How Do I Do This?

Changing the email ID that you registered for this platform is easy. You can do so by navigating to My Account and choosing Email. Enter > confirm the new email ID in the right field and save.

Can I Manage Its Email Notification?

Yes, it’s possible to manage the notification settings. You can simply change it by navigating to My Account and choosing Notifications. There, you can change all the diverse notification settings.


Why Can’t I See The Profile Updates?

The website carefully checks all the entries written and pictures before permitting it to be reflected on the website. Updates are frequently approved within twenty-four hours, so if you cannot see the updates, it might still be subject to approval/disapproval.

How Do I Edit The Profile?

If you desire to edit the profile, just navigate to the profile page > click the pencil icon. It’ll let you edit the fields. Once satisfied with all the edits, just click on the Save button. However, if you desire to edit and change the height, display name, or age, then simply contact the customer support.

Why Can’t I View My Picture?

If you can’t see the profile picture, then you probably didn’t meet the requirements of the website, or it’s still queued for approval. 

Is It Possible To Remove My Elite Singles Account?

If you delete the account permanently, all the matches and messages will also be deleted completely. If you are the premium user, you need to cancel the membership before removing the account. For removing the account, navigate to the menu > choose Account > click Delete my Account. Follow the directions, and you’ll permanently have the account deleted.


Can I Filter The Match Results?

You can filter the match list by who uploaded a picture on the gallery, who is new, individuals who are like you, users you’ve been in contact with, and profiles you have marked as your favorites.

Where Can I Locate The Matches?

The match suggestions are on the Matches page. You can also navigate to the page by simply clicking on the link to the match list on the homepage.

How Do I Save The Favorite Profiles?

If you locate somebody interesting, and you do not desire to forget them, you can append them to the favorites list. For doing so, simply visit the profile and tap Add to Favorites. 

How Does The Have you met? Function Work?

It permits you to judge a few of the suggested matches very rapidly. It’s similar to swiping that dating applications have. The only disparity is that instead of swiping, you click X if you do not like one or the wink icon if you really like one.


How Do I Find The User ID?

There’s a secure code you have to access. This code is a number set that identifies the account. If you desire to acquaint the code, navigate to My Account, and then navigate to Personal Details. You’ll locate the user ID there.

How Long Does The Site Save The Data?

As long as you’re a user of the website, all the personal data, comprising profile entries and photos, will be saved. If you desire to remove these, you have to delete the account, as well.

Can I Change The Password?

Yes, you can change the password anytime you want. For doing so, navigate to the account settings > click password. Input the new password, > confirm and save it.

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