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Fabswingers is a community space created for the swingers in diverse areas of the world. It promises to connect diverse individuals who desire to take part in the unconventional adventures with the tagline free, fun, and fabulous. It’s one of the biggest swinging sites on the net in terms of subscription. It’s been featured on the news several times. Swingers can utilize it for organizing meetings with other like-minded couples and singles. An estimate of one hundred and thirty thousand swingers signs into it each day. It permits users to post photographs liberally. It’s created for singles and couples looking swing or takes part in the activity known as partner swapping.

Fabswingers Co UK Design & Usability:

The design is basic and clear. It is an excellent thing because this platform can accommodate even the non-tech-savvy individuals. If you are from the hip and young category, you might locate the design a little lacking, but the complete free functionalities make up for that. All of the things you require are on its homepage.

Fabswingers Site Registration:

The registration procedure comprises an initial questions’ set about you like the email ID, gender, desired password and username, and some other basic info. The questions are extremely easy and simple to comprehend. However, you have to pass picture verification before you can utilize the website. It’ll need you to upload a picture showing the face and hands with a paper with and the username written on it. The website says that it can take up to one hour, but in a few cases, the procedure will end after 3 hours.

Member Structure:

This community is very active in terms of group chatting, sending messages, and camera video sessions. You’ll find many individuals online anytime. The male users dominate the subscription population of the website. The accounts are categorized into couples and singles accounts. The singles accounts are owned by a person. Conversely, couples accounts are like joint bank accounts, which are owned by the partners. You can text either of the account types irrespective of your own account.

The Profile Quality:

The majority of the profiles have a lot of information accessible. The basic info is needed to be given throughout the registration process, so that helps a lot. Precautionary measures against fake profiles comprise picture verification. The website will ask you to upload a picture showing the face holding a paper with and the username written on it, as mentioned earlier. The picture verification is the final verification step and can take quite some time. 

Because of that, it’s really difficult to fake the profiles. The profile info is quite comprehensive. There’s a space for the personal essay where you can utter what you desire about the personal details, sex, and it’ll also say when was the final time an individual is online. You can like or fab an individual profile if you desire.

Making Contact:

There’re a lot of ways to select from if you desire to contact some other user of this fantastic platform. You can make use of the chatting function, or go old-school utilizing the texting function. You can also send pictures to different users if you want to. There’s a public chat room divided into sites if you desire to speak with individuals in the area. You can also decide to see other individuals’ live cam if accessible. You can join in different forums or post one if you desire. Just keep in mind that Fabswingers moderates the live chat rooms and the forums, so you have to acquaint the limitations of the permitted content.

Security & Privacy:

Overall, the site is one of the safest places that we have ever tried. Its member pool is legit; the picture confirmation rules are very strict that there’s no way for fakes and bots to break it out. However, the moderation squad does not always respond to the complaints of different users. Throughout my dating time on this site, I had to ban two infuriating guys, and it took some time for the moderation team even to notice. 

That is understandable, though; the team has to be full of activity, approving the images of all new-coming members. The site utilizes personal data for marketing services and saves the right of disclosing this data to governmental organizations in case of some kind of emergency. I would rather not have my personal information being utilized for the target advertisements, but that is pretty comprehensible on a free site.


The site is free, and members boast access to all the basic functionality. They can email possible partners, see profiles, and browse feed. Also, users can upload images, edit the profiles, and select the safe mode. Additional features include taking part in the Swing Club directory, sending winks, and entering different group chats. Free users can decide to upgrade the accounts to premium if they desire the profiles to be pushed to the higher places in the field. The upgradation itself, however, does not offer access to the improved functionality; it is just a mere VIP standing.

The Final Verdict:

It’s one of the best dating casual sites we have ever been on lately. The service provides a great choice of possible partners, both couples and singles. Picture verification is tiresome, but it is how the squad can keep a record of the real accounts and delete the fake profiles. Fabswingers is an ideal dating site for the casual experience, particularly for the ones who live in the big cities. In the smaller towns, the swinging mentality is a little less popular, although the website hosts numerous active local communities.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:


Q: Why Do I Have To Upload The Picture?

Ans: Before you can utilize the website, picture verification is needed. It’s for making certain the identity of the person who wants to join the website.

Q: Is It Safe?

Ans: This platform verifies the identity of each account through meticulous picture verification.

Q: Is My Identity Secure On This Site?

Ans: According to the website, it doesn’t release any data or pictures of its users to any 3rd party organizations.

Q: What Happens In The Fabswingers Picture Verification?

Ans: You have to upload a picture of you with a piece of paper in your hand that says and the username you are going to use. You’ll not be capable of utilizing the website until you pass this step.

Q: How Long Is The Picture Verification?

Ans: The picture verification takes a few hours.


Q: How Many Pictures Can I Upload In The Album?

Ans: You can append six pictures every day, and the album can hold a max of thirty-six pictures.

Q: Is There An Application I Can Make Use Of?

Ans: There’s no application available as of the moment, but they’ve created a web application that you can access using any of your mobile browsers.

Q: How Many Individuals Can Take Part In A Group Chat?

Ans: There’s no limit to the number of individuals who can take part in a group chat.

Q: How Can I See The Chat Cameras?

Ans: Simply navigate to the Chat tab > click on the cam icon beside a user’s username to see their live cameras.

Q: Why Cannot I Utilize Fabswingers After Registration?

Ans: Immediately after the registration on the site, Fabswingers will ask you to go through a picture verification procedure, which will take some hours.

Q: Is There A Chat Room For Those Who Live Near Me?

Ans: A few chat rooms are divided by state/country. You can still enter such chat rooms no matter wherever you’re from.

Q: Who Can Send Me A Text?

Ans: Anybody, except the ones you have blocked, can send you a text as long as you are shown on their search results.


Q: Can I Delete The Account?

Ans: Yes, you can. Simply navigate to the Accounts tab, and you’ll see Delete account link.

Q: How Much Is Fabswingers?

Ans: All the Fabswingers’ functionalities are totally free.

Q: Can I Join Again After Deleting My Account?

Ans: Yes, you can still join after deleting the account. However, you’ll have to go through the registration procedure again.

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