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Mocospace was made in the year 2005 as a social community for mobile. It’s utilized for the meeting, chatting, and having fun with other individuals through its games and special features. As of late, it has actually become a social media platform hybrid and an online dating website. It’s grown to have one hundred million members all across the globe with headquarters in Massachusetts, Boston, and Herzliya, Israel. 

It’s pretty varied with 1/3 of the membership base being African-American and another 1/3 being Hispanic. Forty percent of the members are eighteen to twenty-four years old, twenty-four percent are twenty-five to thirty years old, seventeen percent are thirty-one to thirty-five years old, and thirteen percent are thirty-five years old and older. Sixty-six percent of the users access it through smartphones. In the previous review by Mocospace itself, it was discovered that almost half of its members have broken up with somebody through text.

Special Features:

This site is a mobile community that provides many games where you can make friends and play with other members.

  • Street Wars:

In this game, you can play with other members in the mafia setting. You can get power and cash by going on nose-to-nose fights with the enemies and accomplishing dangerous assignments. You’re rewarded with points for improving the stamina, income, and health as you go on in this game and employ other players. As the recruits’ mob grows, you’re capable of defeating the enemies more simply. Purchases utilizing Moco Gold are accessible in this game.

  • Friendshop:

It is an amusing game where you purchase and sell friends. Yes, real individuals from the Friends list. Similarly, other players can purchase you. The tip here is to buy low and sell big. When some other player buys an individual you own, you and the bought individual both obtain profit. Whenever somebody buys you, your value rises. Purchasing an individual needs Friendshop cash, which is a fake currency just accessible within this game.

  • Stickers:

These are just like the regular emoticons, except they are larger. They can be utilized in instant messages, chats, forum posts, offline messages, or comments. A few stickers are free, while others aren’t. A few stickers need to be paid for utilizing the Moco Gold before they can be unlocked and utilized. Once these are purchased, you’ve unlimited access to them.

  • Daily Spin:

It is a sort of Spin the Wheel that can just be played once every day. The Daily Spin provides you with the opportunity of winning various prizes, comprising one hundred thousand gold up to two hundred trillion Street Wars cash, extra free spins, and a lot more. Each spin results in a reward. Game rewards are automatically appended to the ongoing games, and Gold prizes are appended automatically to the Moco Gold balance.

Design & Usability:

The site looks neat and is very simple to navigate. Much like FB, the timeline is crammed with new updates from the other members. Unlike FB, the posts you’ll perceive on the timeline are of everybody on the site, not only the friends. The games are simple to locate and amusing to play. Video tutorials are accessible all around for assisting you in finding the way through the site. Owing to the privacy concerns, you will locate yourself seeing different warnings about sharing personal info on the site.

Login & Signup:

Before we can talk about the login action of Mocospace, you first have to make your account. Since the individuals behind it acquaint users do not like to invest never-ending minutes completing personal info, the registration form can be finished in one minute. Also, if you desire to do stuff even faster, you can utilize Facebook or Google to log in, and a little of the data will be transferred automatically to the Mocospace profile. 

If you do desire to go with the conventional sign-in process, you’ll have to pick a username, a password, and to complete email, gender, and birthday for the beginning. Before the procedure is complete, you’ll also have to upload a picture, and compared to other similar sites; it won’t request you to verify the picture you upload. 

Making Contact:

You can talk to the other users by simply joining the existing chat rooms or making a custom chat room. The chat room you make can be about any subject. There’s a limit to the number of users who can join one chat room, but no particular number has been confirmed. Even a direct message to just a member shows up in your chat room publicly.

Profile Quality:

Profiles can be public or private. The friend request has to be acknowledged first before you can see the private profile. The members of Mocospace tend to have just a few bits of info accessible on the profile. What engages most of the feed is the activity. Alarmingly, this feed displays the entire activity of a member of the website (comprising which pictures they have liked), which appears to be a privacy breach.


The default landing page on the application is the Meet People. You can put filters; however, you desire to locate the kind of individuals you desire. The application has a user-friendly and simple design. However, the functions appear to take a second longer for loading. It might not sound like much, but when you acclimatize to the seamless transition on applications such as Twitter or Facebook, the disparity becomes glaringly clear.

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