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The positive singles is a community entirely created for singles with STDs and Herpes. It welcomes singles who’re living with HPV, Herpes, HIV/AIDS or some other STD. It claims to assist individuals with STDs to find love and support in the singles community. Its features are made for assisting its users in making new friends, community support, a potential spouse, and get on with life. It’s an exclusive and private community for individuals living with herpes and STDs. 

Its features aren’t only geared towards assisting members in online dating; it also serves as the supportive system. It’s a site for individuals who’re searching for romance, friendship, or just medical info. Are such claims right? Is this website worth exploring, or is it only like any other online dating site that scams the cash out of the users? Keep on reading to find out more.


  • Let’s Meet:

Here, you’re shown individuals’ profiles, and you can swipe right or left on them. Swiping left denotes you do not like them while swiping right denotes you do. If you and a member like one another, it is a mutual match. This works as a kind of game because after you have swiped through eight profiles, you’ll see the saying you’ve finished one round. You can either see who you have matched with or carry on playing let’s meet. It has unlimited rounds.

  • First Date Ideas

The first date idea field is accessible in the profile to be filled out to allow the members to gain insight into the personality. Basically, you’d just utter what the unique or ideal first date would be. The site offers a page, which looks like the forum page, where everyone’s dating idea is compiled. You can glance through such ideas, choose that you like, click on that member, and maybe start a chat. It is an excellent way of facilitating contact based on personality rather than physical appearance.

Design & Usability:

The site is made, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. Most of the features are immediately accessible on the homepage, so you can simply find anything. The forums and blogs can be intimidating initially, but within minutes, you can rapidly navigate the way around. One problem we have is that the website text can be too small for the users if the desktop system. 

Positive Singles Log Up:

If you are interested in learning how to register on the Positive Singles site, it is pretty straightforward and streamlined. You can finish the entire procedure from start to end in just fifteen minutes or less. Want to begin now? Visit the login page. From there, you will have to let the website acquaint who you’re and who you really desire to meet. What does that denote, exactly? The website asks for gender identification, as well as the gender of the match. Once you have given all that information, you will be prompted to enter a valid email ID and choose a password. That’s also the time to select the username. 

Certainly, there is a lot we could utter about how to select the best username. But here is the short version: keep it expressive and fun. A good username utilizes expressive words and tone for providing others the idea of who you are and what you really are concerned about. From here, you will fill out a little basic personal information, like the location and age. The signup procedure is literally that easy. Once you have got the Positive Singles login, you are free to log in and begin meeting new individuals right away.

Profile Quality:

The profiles can have up to twenty-six pictures, which you can categorize into a private and public album. Info comprises background, appearance, lifestyle, what you are searching for, astrological sign, and preferred distance. You can also upload the video that serves as your intro; you only need to copy the YouTube link. The advanced info like when the member was last singed in and the private note can just be unlocked by the premium members.

Making Contact:

You need to disburse for starting conversations. If you are a free user, you can just reply to the messages you get. As a substitute, you can leave the public comment on somebody’s profile for grabbing their attention and make a connection. The positive singles also provide the email tab that is diverse from the messages tab. It serves as the mirror to the email inbox, so you can only check the promotional and official emails straight from the site.


Although the application isn’t quite well-liked on both iOS and Android stores, the reviews are gleaming. Design-wise, the application stays loyal to the set theme. The functions are easy and simple to navigate. The more important features are still in the application, optimized for the best mobile experience. However, if you desire to look up the health resources, locate the STD care locations, speak with a live counselor, you are going to have to go to the site.

Positive singles

Frequently Asked Questions Section:


What’s Positive Singles?

It is a confidential social site that caters entirely to individuals with herpes and STDs (hepatitis, HIV, Chlamydia, and more).

Is It Legit?

Yes, it is. It has seventies years of experience in offering a secure space (in dating, and friendship, etc.) for individuals living with herpes and STDs.

Is It Safe?

Yes. And since the recent scandal with a security breach of Grindr, it has adopted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-style privacy regulations and rules. Meaning, the info will never be shared with the 3rd-parties, and the stories won’t be published as success stories without permission.

Where Can I Read Hit Stories?

Such stories (more centered on the dating) are accessible on the welcome page of this site.

Are There Fake Profiles On This Platform?

Although such are inescapable, the customer service is extremely vigilant in taking the essential steps against doubtful accounts.

Is There A Positive Singles Application?

Yes, it is accessible in both the Google Play and Apple App Store.


How Do I Get A Hidden Profile?

Under My Settings section, simply click Membership settings > choose the action you desire to be taken.

How Do I Stay Anonymous Here?

You can just utilize the website anonymously by sending the emails to a member utilizing the format.

How Do I Remove The Positive Singles Account?

Under My Settings section, simply click Membership settings > choose the middle section labeled Delete account, give the password > deactivate. The info will be kept in the database for two years.


Is It Free?

Yes. Setting up your account and utilizing the basic features are accessible for free.

How To Cancel The Subscription?

For canceling the membership or auto-billing, simply click on Settings under the main picture icon from the upper corner of the navigation bar > click Membership in your left-hand sidebar below Settings > choose Disable Account.

How Much Is The Premium Subscription?

The premium package begins at 29.95 dollars for a month.

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