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Seniorpeoplemeet is a nice dating website made by People Media for women and men in the latter years of life. The site aims to draw together people in their late forties and above for casual dating, friendship, and serious relationships, all in a secure environment for online dating. If you’re interested in meeting other seniors in the area, but you seem to lose your way in the chaotic world of mainstream online dating, read this review and discover if this website is the correct option. 

Niche dating websites like this one are always a great thing; because they cater to certain demographics that’s frequently neglected or overlooked by mainstream dating websites. In other dating websites, it’s frequently hard for individuals over the age of fifty to get matches because the huge age demographic in such websites is usually thirty-five years old and below. With this platform, the majority of the population on the website is in their late forties and fifties, providing you with more chances to find what you are searching for.

Seniorpeoplemeet Features:

It’s numerous features that can assist the users in gaining more visibility, having more possible matches, and enjoying the general online dating experience even more. The only problem is these features are accessible just for the paid members.

  • Virtual Gifts:

Usually, the individual you sent a message to has possibly gotten messages from others as well. To ensure they take notice of the message you have sent them, you can send them the virtual gift as well to acquire their attention.

  • PromoteMe:

By going for this feature, you can make the profile even more visible to other members of the website. Once you avail of such service, the profile will be placed on top of the search results for other users of the website.

  • ProfilePro:

The text boxes and profile fields of the website are there so you can express yourself freely and stand out from other users of the website. However, if you are not experienced in articulating yourself, you can benefit from the Profile Pro services of the website. A group of expert writers will get the required info for you and finish the profile on your behalf, with the aim of making it appear unique and interesting.

  • ConnectMe:

Once you become friendly with somebody better, the text chat functions of the website might begin to feel constricted. If you desire to take the subsequent step but do not desire to expose the contact number, you can get the virtual contact number through ConnectMe. It’ll let you speak with other members through voice call without compromising the identity.

Senior People Meet Registration:

  • As this website is intended for the over fifty crowds, the signup functionality and navigation is quick and straightforward to follow. New members begin by stating the gender and whether they’re searching for a woman or a man. 
  • The next step comprises answering a few basic questions, like age, date of birth, and location. After giving an email address, selecting a password, and uploading your profile picture, members will be asked to write down a summary about themselves and what traits they’re searching for in the potential match. That part isn’t mandatory and can be done at a later point. 
  • The 3rd and final step before users arrive at the profile is choosing a membership plan, with information about the prices and options. It’s worth acquainting beforehand that joining the website and making a basic profile is free, and it’s possible to go on to the profile without logging up to the paid plan. Just glance a bit more carefully for the home icon over the payment options.

Making Contact: has numerous methods by which members can find other users. Members can play who do you like game where members select between 2 diverse images from 2 different members. They can select which member they are interested in or skip both of them if they are not interested in either. I’m Interested is another game accessible here, is the website’s equivalent to the speed dating. 

The website shows you an image of a random member plus some basic info like location, age, and last online activity. Unluckily, although it does have many options by which members can locate their potential matches, contacting one is another tale altogether. You’ll require a paid subscription to really reach out to such potential matches and talk to them.

Profile Quality:

Although the website does provide its members with numerous methods by which to customize the profiles, numerous profiles on the site aren’t legitimate. Because the target members of the website are seniors, there’re many scammers on the site with fake profiles with the aim to manipulate and coax the senior users of the website into giving or sending them cash. Unluckily, the website does not have any identification verification in place for ensuring that every user is who they say they’re. Users can report such fake profiles, but that frequently happens just after they’re scammed.


Senior people allows you to make a free account, which lets you browse profiles, but a paid subscription is needed for utilizing the full functionality of the website. Users with paid membership have the capability of reading and replying to the messages, see who Fav’d and Flirts with them, can chat right away with other users, and even have access to the astrological matches.

Senior People Meet App:

At first sight, an application for a dating website that caters to individuals over the age of fifty may seem impractical, but the application has seen several downloads and usage since its release. To be fair, the layout and design of the application complement the target group of the website, with accessible menus and visible fonts. Although it does not provide anything new in terms of special features, it provides a chance for its users to utilize the website even while reclined or lying down on a chair.

Security And Safety:

It always shows user-chosen usernames for ensuring anonymity and messages are sent using the system, not through the personal IDs. It’s, however, worth stating that they don’t do background checks on any of the members. Thorough records of all the charges the website has issued its members over the past six months is also readily accessible for review through the profile. For more details, we suggest you read the Online Safety Tips and Privacy Policy conditions of the website. 


This platform has become quite well-liked for its appeal to the particular niche of the senior citizen dating and has gained quite a few accolades over the past few years. It’s been acclaimed by some diverse sites as being the best online dating website when it comes to seniors. Because of this specific site existing, it is now simpler than ever before for an older woman or man to go online, log-up for the profile, and start the quest to find friendship or love with somebody of a similar background and age.

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Frequently Asked Questions Section:


Who Owns This Site?

It is owned by the People Media Inc.

Is It Legitimate?

It’s owned by People Media Inc, a registered and legitimate business with several years’ worth of know-how under its belt.

Is There A Seniorpeoplemeet Application For The iPhone?

Yes, the website has an application for the iPhone, which is also accessible for Android devices.

How Good Is This Platform?

The site does an excellent job of representing one of the most ignored demographics in online dating – senior citizens.

How Do I Contact The Customer Service?

If you’ve concerns or problems about the service, you can glance at the FAQ page of the website for a list of different answers. If the issue isn’t listed there, it also has a Feedback page where you can write down the concerns.

What’s The Seniorpeoplemeet Toll-Free Number?

Although there is no obvious phone number listed on the site, numerous member reviews linked us to this number: (888) 321-3603 / (888) 320-6734.


Is It Free?

The core functions of the website, such as profile and account creation, are free, while others need a paid membership.

How Much Does It Cost?

Profile completion, account registration, and profile matching is free. The rest of its features need a premium membership, which begins at 29.96 dollars for a one-month subscription.

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