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Textfree is more than the name suggests. In addition to allowing you text your buddies for free (even your ones who do not have the application), as well as chat through Facebook, this application will enable you to send and receive calls cheaply or for free. However, it has a few limitations.

Textfree Mobile App Features:

Your friends do not need to download this app first for you to reap its advantages. Just text whomever you desire, and the message will be sent with a Sent from Textfree sign-off. Your buddies who do not have this application disburse regular fees for texts, but you won’t. Plus, members can use Facebook Chat features from within the application. Although you can text worldwide, albeit to just thirty-five countries, international voice calls are not supported, a feature we loved on Viber. 

The users of Textfree can text or call anybody utilizing the Pinger application for free, regardless of the place in which you (or the individual you are calling) are located. The Textfree app also provides the user with numerous emoticons, but it does not come with sticker functionality like Viber and Facebook Messenger does. Members can also send pictures, but sending videos wasn’t an option.


When we texted the associate (who does not have the application), messages went through rapidly. However, pictures are sent using the unique email address instead of the number Textfree gives you; we discovered it unnecessary and confusing. People can send Facebook messages to pals who’re presently online; these messages got delivered immediately and showed a Sent from Textfree message. The calls made using Textfree sounded like normal calls having clear audio.

Begin With Textfree UK:

  • Got to your favorite application store on the mobile (tablet or smartphone). If you are utilizing your Android-based device, it’ll be the Google play store. If you are utilizing an iOS device from Apple, that’ll be the Apple application store.
  • Once there, look for Textfree (it will be simple to find). Next, download it, then install the application.
  • Once done, the application will ask for different permissions, most of which are needed for the application to work correctly. For instance, it’ll ask to access the contact list, the mic, photos (in case you desire to send pictures), and so on.
  • Once you have approved all such permissions, you will have to make the account with a password and username, as well as confirming the age, gender, and your email ID.
  • Next, the application will ask to access the current location through GPS.
  • Following that, you will have the chance to choose the phone number of your preference (presuming it has not been claimed already by somebody else). Unluckily, you can’t keep/port the current phone number into the application.
  • However, you’ll be given the option to sync your application to the Facebook account, which is a remarkable add-on.

What Do Parents Have To Know Textfree App Download?

Parents have to acquaint that this application is a workaround for teens and kids who do not have a phone but still desire to text with their pals (and who covet the special phone number). It is also a means for the users of the iPhone to lower the charges on the monthly statement. The application allocates a random number, making it well-matched with the SMS providers. It is extremely advertisement-intense, though, and if you desire to do away with the ads, it’ll charge 5.99 dollars per year. As with the texting program, the texts (and the acceptability level of such messages) received by the kid relies greatly on the sender. The application doesn’t accept sent images, though, preventing the kid from getting inappropriate pictures.

Is Textfree Call Free App Any Good?

Today’s phones are frequently utilized more for texting than calling, and the charges of such SMSs can add up rapidly. This application allows individuals to text as much as they desire without reasoning a spike in the mobile bill. The dependability of the application is pretty solid. We did not come across any dark times when testing, irrespective of time. Receivers always got the texts on time, and their replies were just as quick. The advertisements’ volume is annoying, though, and tacking on a recurring annual fee to a free application feels a little iffy. (The application used to take a one-time fee of 5.99 dollars for no advertisements.) Parents will still have to monitor who their children are texting and what is being said, but for the budget-conscious, that’s a great alternative.

The Final Verdict:

Although we like that Textfree allows you to send unlimited picture messages and free texts to any number in Canada and the U.S., regardless of whether the recipient has the application, the service does have its downsides. For example, you cannot utilize the real phone number, and although you can text individuals in up to thirty-five countries, you cannot call them; you need to download the Pinger’s other application for enjoying that feature. With other excellent messaging applications such as Viber out there, we would not put Textfree at the top.

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